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100% Gluten Free Menu

100% Gluten Free Menu

Gluten free menu

Enjoy gluten free breakfasts, lunches and dinners in an ambient environment.  The owners of Bread and Water Café Maitland strive to offer delicious, made to order nourishment that everyone can enjoy.  It’s not necessary to have a wheat allergy or celiac disease to appreciate our menu. You might be asking yourself, ‘what is gluten and why is it so bad?’  Gluten is a protein typically found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt and kamut.  If you are not gluten sensitive, ingesting this protein should not be a problem.  However, because it is found in most bread products, when people forego gluten, an unintended effect is weight loss.

Your Friends Won’t Know the Difference

In fact, most of our glowing reviews come from non suspecting customers without gluten allergies.  Gluten is a protein most commonly found in wheat.  It acts as a binder, it provides structure and has elastic properties.  It’s what makes hamburger buns soft, cakes fluffy and pie crusts flaky.  If you mention gluten free to most people, images of hard and unleavened bread are conjured in their heads.  We don’t blame you one bit.  It takes a seasoned baking chef to turn water into wine.  We have developed the perfect recipes to produce cookies that are crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle.  When you bite into one of our juicy burgers, a buttery, light bun complements the taste.

Gluten Free Catering

Give us a call if you’re interested in gluten free cooking.  You needn’t have a special event planned to enjoy sumptuous cuisine that satisfies your dietary requirements.  Your stomach and taste buds is reason enough.  Allow us to prepare meals to last a week for you and your family.  Life is hectic enough without being compelled to be on your feet in the kitchen for hours; especially after you’ve put in a full day’s work.  Enlist Bread and Water Café Maitland for nutritious meals that tantalize your taste buds.  Contact us for special event catering.  We can prepare meals for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, dinner and retirement parties.

Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

When making decisions about one’s diet, it’s important to know that facts.  Instead of following trends or listening to what your cousins and friends tell you, do the research.  Customers have reported that their cholesterol levels have dropped since enjoying a gluten free diet.  Our food promotes digestive health and increases energy levels.  Processed foods are eliminated from your lexicon by virtue of giving up gluten.  Your fruit and veggie intake will increase by default.  Reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Food void of gluten contains more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  As a result, your immune system is boosted, allowing you to ward off germs and viruses more efficiently.

Smart & Tasty Gluten Substitutes

There is a reason why gluten is a major part of the western diet.  It is a protein that satisfies 3 requirements.  It’s a binder that also provides structure and elasticity.  When these elements are removed, other ingredients must be substituted.  Not just any ingredients.  Our chefs have devoted a great deal of time researching compounds that are not also purposeful but flavourful.  Xanthan and guar gum are wonderful alternatives for baking.  Psyllium, chia and flax seeds used in combination are the holy grail of replacements.  Gelatine is another alternative used in our dessert items.


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