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Barista Coffee

Barista Coffee

Black Coffee

Barista is an Italian word that means bartender.  Bread and Water Café Maitland has the friendliest baristas this side of New South Wales.  Consider us your home away from home.  Your Cheers – when you walk in, everybody knows your name and your barista has your favourite drink ready to soothe your soul.  Stop in for a quick boost of espresso.  Tempt your sweet tooth with a mocha latte.  Indulge in a pumpkin spiced cappuccino.  There’s always enough time for a carefully crafted coffee.  Call us in advance, so we can have it ready for you, and take it to go.

Barista Espresso

There is one thing we do better than espressos – that’s customer service.  Bread and Water Cafe Maitland espressos are prepared with precision.  The perfect amount of water at the right temperature seeps past premium ground coffee beans.  The result is a robust taste that is sure to satiate your appetite.  Immerse your palette in the bitter sweetness of a classic espresso.  Our veteran baristas serve your espresso in a room temperature glass and a smile.  Not much of a traditionalist? Don’t worry, we have an espresso topped with a dollop of fresh whip cream to enhance the natural caramel flavour of the bean.

Cappuccino the Way You Like it

Fall in love with coffee again.  Experience the ultimate coffee beverage at Bread and Water Cafe Maitland.  Arabica beans, home grown in Australia are used to produce superior flavoured espresso.  Steamed milk is infused and topped off with a slight layer of foam.  Try it with a substantial slice of pumpkin bread, lightly sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon.  Experience cappuccino infused with lavender in the summer months.  Try it with vanilla, nutmeg, caramel or cinnamon in the winter months.  Drop in for a quick cappuccino in the morning.  Stay a little while and sip some with lunch.  Enjoy a cup with sweet brown sugar after a fine dessert.

Artisanal Lattes

Perhaps you like the boost you get from coffee but aren’t particularly fond of the taste – we get you.  Try an artisan latte with a personalized love note from the barista.  She’ll decorate your latte with hearts, flowers and leaves.  Just a small token of our appreciation.  We are your neighbourhood cafe maitland the personal touch that’s been missing from our daily interactions.  Walk on the wild side with a pumpkin, spiced latte.  Try our coconut milk latte that is to live for!  Lose your senses with a blonde latte.  Each latte is made especially for you with a hint of foam, drizzled caramel or dotted with spices.

Iced Coffees

Hot mommas and poppas – this one’s for you.  Cool down with iced coffees infused with whole milk, skinny or coconut milk and rich cream.  Ask for whole ice cubes or make it slushy with finely crushed ice.  Our iced pumpkin spiced latte is a Maitland fav.  Get the perfect blend of sweet and savoury with our iced salted caramel mocha.  KISS with an iced Americano.  Mind your caloric intake with our iced skinny mocha.  Iced vanilla bean coconut milk lattes will satisfy the hipster that lives within.  Your wish is our command.  If you don’t recognize anything on the menu that peaks your interest, put in a special request with the barista.


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