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Hunter Valley Wines


Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region.  Some vineyards date back to the 1860’s and are still producing wine.  The warm and humid climate in the area yields distinctive Australian wines like Shiraz and Semillon.  Red clay loam soils are ideal for making Shiraz with uncommon notes.  Our wines are sourced from Graveyard, Old Hill, Old Paddock, Braemore and Old Patch vineyards.  We take our wines seriously but aren’t afraid to discover young winemakers that are producing innovative, new varieties such as Tempranillo, Barbera and Fiano.  You’ll find that our menu pairs perfectly with red and white wines.

Hunter Valley Chardonnay

Hunter Valley was one of the first regions in Australia to grow Chardonnay.  It helped perpetuate Chards into an Australian icon.  Chards are now a permanent part of the Aussie lexicon.  We have a bottle to accommodate your palette.  Choose from lean and mineral to full flavoured and rich styles.  Chards pair well with mild, subtle foods.  Cuisines that are not too spicy, pungent or acidic work best.  Try a glass of Chard with the Roasted Red Capsicum & Mushroom Risotto.  It will also pair well with the sweet potato, corn and butternut squash cream soup.

Hunter Valley Semillon

This wine is well recognized as a benchmark wine.  It is a stellar white variety in New South Wales.  Semillon gets better with age.  You’ll notice the faint lemon curd plus toasty complexity.  Semillon grapes are picked early to yield low alcohol and sugar concentrations.  This wine pairs wonderfully with spicy and Asian cuisine.  Try a bottle with our Grilled Salmon Filet and Bok Choy.  Shell fish complement this wine well.  Order a glass with our Prawn skewers seasoned with lemon grass and lime.  It tastes great with chicken, game and cheese.  Let the server know that you’d like to enjoy Semillon with the Kangaroo Filet Salad or the Zucchini flowers stuffed with goat cheese.

Hunter Valley Shiraz

Shiraz is made from a red grape that produces a spicy, rich flavour.  We have specifically selected Shiraz that have undertones of black cherry, black pepper, blackberry, plum and chocolate.  Because of these rich characteristics, it pairs well with grilled meat, rich cheeses, veggies, beef and wild game.  Have a glass with our Kangaroo Filet Salad.  Enhance the taste with a generous slice of homemade beef lasagne.  Stop in for lunch and enjoy Shiraz with a beef burger topped with caramelized onions.  The beef pie and Crispy Skinned Chicken Breast pair extremely well with Hunter Valley Shiraz.

Wine & Food Pairings

Wine enthusiasts will appreciate our fine wine selection.  If you’re not much of a wine drinker, don’t be intimidated by our extensive wine list.  Our servers have tasted every wine and are educated in wine theory, taste and pairings.  Let them know which entrees you’d like to order and they will suggest the perfect pairing for you and your date.  In fact, if you’re not sure, we’ll bring out a few for you to taste.  Our goal is to make sure that you enjoy the experience and keep coming back for more.  Our wine selections can be easily paired with starters, lunch and dinner. Find out much more details about us.