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A lady mixing the milk into the coffe - Bread and Water Café Maitland

Sink your teeth into gluten free cuisine in a relaxing environment.  Every item on our menu is void of gluten.  Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s not tasty.  Take a peek at our stellar reviews.  People from all walks of life enjoy our fluffy pastries and moist breads.  Your gluten eating friends won’t be able to tell the difference.  Contact us to cater for your family or special events.  We understand how difficult it is to find flavourful gluten free desserts and mains.  To ensure the integrity of each dish, all cakes, pies, éclairs and breads are made in house.  Customers report lower cholesterol and increased energy levels since dining at Bread and Water Café Maitland.  Our chef uses smart and tasty substitutes in place of gluten.

Our services include:

  • Barista Coffee
  • Cakes and Pastries
  • 100% Gluten Free Menu
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Hunter Valley Wines

Pop in for a quick boost of espresso.  Let Bread and Water Café Maitland be your home away from home.  Your Cheers, where everybody knows your name.  We make cappuccino the way you like it.  Lavender, caramel, cinnamon, pumpkin, nutmeg and brown sugar are key ingredients in our specialty coffee drinks.  Enjoy artisanal lattes crafted to perfection with whole milk, skinny or coconut milk.  The barista will decorate your drink with hearts, flowers and leaves as a token of her appreciation.  When it’s hot outside, cool down with an iced coffee beverage.  Rich cream over ice is just what you need to make it a great day.